Winter Trail Grooming Under Way

January 17, 2020 UPDATE: We have snow! Thanks to Nate F we have some groomed trails as of Thursday, January 16th. Are you enjoying the groomed trails for walking, running or riding your fat bike? Please consider giving Pine Hill Partnership a donation to help pay for the Snowdog.

January 11, 2020 UPDATE: Please no bikes of any kind, prefer foot traffic to stay on pedestrian only trails. It’s warm, wet and trails are extremely fragile today. Please wait before getting out into the park until a solid 24 hour freeze happens. The volunteers thank you.

A few folks enjoying the freshly groomed trails today December 19, 2019.

We are back to winter conditions. Trails received a light grooming Wednesday 12/18/19. Hopefully we continue to stay cold and get more snow. This is an all volunteer effort please consider making a contribution to Pine Hill Partnership to help pay for the Snowdog and the maintenance that goes with running machinery.

Old Post: Please no bikes of any kind in the park Saturday or Sunday 12/14, 12/15. All the trails that were frozen solid the end of last week are going to be completely broken open. Tires leave ruts and ruts let water run down them washing away all our hard earned dirt.

Well, we’re on hold now as all the snow is basically gone 12/10/19. Please do not ride if temps are above 25 degrees as it really can rut up some trails that have a western or southern exposure to the sun.

Mother Nature gave us a gift of a little more snow than we expected yesterday and this morning (Sat. Dec 7) we are out grooming.

Assuming there are no mechanical or other unforeseen issues, the trails marked on the map below should be groomed sometime on Saturday. If you happen to see Nate, our trail groomer in your travels, be sure to say “thank you”. It’s hard work.

Download a Winter Grooming map [4mb, PDF] Here

The trails we will be grooming are Svelte Tiger, Sisyphus, Watkins Wood Rd., Droopy Muffin, Salamander, Overlook, Shimmer and Pond Rd.

Now Go Play !

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