Weed whacking party

Please HELP US! Thursday, August 16th at 5:30pm. Meet at Giorgetti, bring a weed whacker, bug spray, water, headlamp and PPE(ear and eye protection).


We need YOUR help on Thursday, August 16th to help weed whack the Carriage Trail. Meet at Giorgetti and 5:30pm, we will drive up the Pond Rd with gear and hike in from there. There will be a few extra weed whackers for folks to use. We can use 15+ people to get the whole trail from Library Pass back to Rocky Pond done. Please consider coming in and helping for a couple of hours on Thursday, 8/16. Bring a head lamp.

2 thoughts on “Weed whacking party”

  1. On Thursday, August 23, I weed wacked and trimmed back encroaching branches on the Carriage Trail from Proctor to Reynolds Reservoir. The Carriage Trail beyond from Reynolds Reservoir is good!

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