Trail Work Days

Our next 2018 work days will be in early June with Rutland High School YES plan students. Youth Works will be starting Monday, June 18th and 19th till the end of July. Anyone is welcome to come join us. Please watch the homepage for our website for updates.

Our next spring work days have been scheduled  for Saturdays April 29 and May 13. 2017.

Meet in the front entrance. Bring water and sunscreen we will supply gloves and tools.

Thank you very much for the continuing support in Pine Hill Park. We have a fantastic trail system because of all the volunteer effort.

Please be considerate of volunteers, say thank you to when you see them in the park. Offer to move a bucket or two of dirt even if you are riding. Without those volunteers we would not have the park we have today.

Gretchen and Keith on Exit StrategyExit Strategy getting some TLC last May.

YES plan students will be in helping with the trail system in early June 2017.

Youth Works will be volunteering in the park starting Monday, June 18th.  They will be working on projects around the park. If you see a crew of them please stop and say thank you for their hard work. Youth Works will be in the park on every Monday and Tuesday till early August.

Come join us on any of these days even if it is for a short period of time—every bit helps.

Army National Guard helping with 18 yards of mulch IMG_0430 Melanie and Sgt Merrill


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