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Group ride in Pine Hill Park

Bryan Sell will be leading a group ride at Pine Hill Park starting Tuesday, May 22nd at 6pm, last night is August 14th. Meet at Tinman in the parking lot. This is a social/no drop ride EVERYONE is welcome! The ride will happen every other week at Pine Hill Park.

Ride Length: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Pace: No drop and casual unless the group determines otherwise.

May stop at some locations to session a trail feature.

Après Bike: Local Brewery, pub, Muddy’s Hut, etc., if possible.

What to bring: Water and bug repellant.

On days of the Droopy Pedal XC race (June 19, July 17, Aug 21) riders will participate in the XC race which has beginner, intermediate and advanced groups-registration is with Rutland Recreation.

Intervening weeks the ride will meet at the same time of day starting Tuesday, May 29th through August 21st and will be held at other locations. Sherburne Trails, GMT, SVT which will be posted on Facebook.

Volunteer Days

Our volunteer work days will be with RHS YES plan starting June  8th.  We start at 9AM and go till about 1:30.

Monday, June 11th, 9-1:30

Wednesday, June 13th-9-1:30

Thursday, June 14th-9-1:30

Friday, June 15th-9-1:30

Monday, June 18th-9-2:30

Tuesday, June 19th-9:30-2:30

Every following Monday and Tuesday except for the week of July 4th will be 9:30-2:30.

Please email us at pinehillpartnership@gmail.com for more information.

Our project is working on a new trail that is a continuation of Jigsaw that was completed last year.

We can always use extra hands.

New skills course going in at the front entrance. Thanks to Bryan and Hunter!


Our work day May 12th was a success in getting Exit Strategy repaired and the front entrance seeded. Exit Strategy will open May 16th in the afternoon along with Voldemort, Lichen Rock and Droopy Pedal.

Come join in on our second community work day this Saturday, May 12th from 9am to noon.  We have lots of small projects to attend too. Cleaning up Exit Strategy is one.

Our first community work day saw a lot of volunteers who did a fantastic job on the front entrance. We were also able to clean out some drainage’s on the trails. The Radio Flyer wagon was a huge success with the kids moving bark mulch.

We have a skills track going in up on the knoll behind the kiosk. Hunter was there helping his dad lay the track out. This will be a great addition to the park we can’t wait to see the finished product because it sounds awesome!