Present Day

Stemming from a public meeting held by the Rutland Recreation Department in January, volunteers begin revitalizing the park.

The name Pine Hill Park is used based on old maps.
Existing trails cleared:
● Crusher Road
● Pond Road
● Watkins Wood Road
● Evergreen Fall
● Freefall
● Dewey Wood Road
● Overlook
● Lower Ledges
● Birches
● Upper Giorgetti
● Middle Giorgetti
● Sore Elbow

Entrance boardwalk built.
New Trails:
● Escalator

Six bridges were built on the Giorgetti trails in October – November. The bridge on Sore Elbow was built.
New Trails:
● Furlough
● Lonely Rock
● Rembrandt’s Brush
● Trillium
● Upper Ledges
● Svelte Tiger
● Droopy Muffin
● Backstairs
● Lower Giorgetti

New Trails:
● 999
● Backstairs (through quarry)
● Scramble
● Jersey Turnpike
● Santa’s Little Helper
● Tim’s Vista

Pine Hill Partnership is formed as a volunteer organization to steward the trails.
New Trails:
● Aaron’s Air
● Underdog
● Lower Giorgetti reroute
● Middle Giorgetti reroute
● Upper Giorgetti reroute

Pine Hill Partnership received 501(c)3 status. The Serpentine Bridge was built on Stegosaurus.
New Trails:
● Halfpipe
● PA4J
● Stegosaurus
● Upper Giorgetti reroute

The Suspension Bridge was built in September – October on Overlook. The Hourglass Bridge was built November – December on Stegosaurus.
New Trails:
● Annex
● Salamander
● Strong Angel
● Furlough reroute
● Jersey Turnpike reroute

The Seeping Ledge bridge was built on Svelte Tiger. The Armadillo Bridge was started in December on Birches.
New Trails:
● Broken Handlebar
● Overlook reroute
● Overlook Lichen Rock (started)

The Armadillo Bridge was finished on Birches. The Arch Bridge was built in September – October on Shimmer. The Centrifuge Bridge was started on Underdog.
New Trails:
● Sisyphus
● Quartzite
● Birches reroute

The Centrifuge Bridge was finished on Underdog.
New Trails:
● Shimmer
● Overlook Lichen Rock (finished)

New Trails:
● Voldemort
● 999 reroute
● Halfpipe reroute

New Trails:
● Exit Strategy

The Carriage trail officially opened in May.
New Trails:
● Annex reroute
● Sore Elbow reroute (phase 1)
● Trillium reroute
● Lower Giorgetti field entrance reroute

Further reading:
2014 Rutland Herald Article

2015: 3 miles of the Redfield Trails are opened at the invitation of the landowner (Mark Foley Sr.)

New Trails:

  • Sore Elbow reroute (YES, YW)

2016: An additional mile of trails opened on Redfield Trails.

New Trails:

  • Broken Handlebar rearrangement into two trails (YES)

Repair work: 

  • Nate Freund rebuilt waterbars with excavator on Pond Rd
  • Repair and raise 4 corners on Exit Strategy
  • Built berms on Sore Elbow Corners
  • REbuilt corners on Strong Angel
  • Rebuild corners on PA4J
  • Reroute Escalator and rebuilt corner
  • Rework Drainage on Furlough
  • Reroute Evergreen Fall
  • Natural fence on Escalator
  • New signs-thanks Keith Wight and Karl Fjeld
  • New Trail Map by Dave Jenne


New Trail: 

  • Jigsaw built by YES plan, Youth Works, VT State Trooper cadets, Youth Mtn bike group
  • Southern Cross rake and ride by College of St. Joseph’s and Green Mtn College single student

Repair Work: 

  • Rebuilt corner on Underdog GMP drove over
  • Fabian’s rebuilt waterbars on Pond Rd
  • Reworked turns on Svelte Tiger with Green Mtn College mountain bike group with Drew Bentley
  • Run out on Rembrandts Brush got some outslope reestablished by Rutland Area Christian School students
  • Lower corners on Evergreen Falls with RHSXC team
  • Fix It station installed
  • Hour Glass Bridge repaired
  • Fixed landing on Aaron’s Air
  • Pinch Point on Carriage Trail
  • Weed whacked Carriage Trail


New Trail: 

  • Called Milk Run because of milk crates found when laying the trail out
  • Built 1218’ with YES plan and Youth Works with 1639.5 volunteer hours and 423 volunteers

Repair Work: 

  • Repaired water issues on Overlook and Droopy Muffin
  • Removed large dead oaks near Hour Glass Bridge
  • Fixed muck hole on Rembrandt’s
  • Cleaned up more honey suckle at skills park 
  • Weed whacked the Carriage Trail 
  • Closed 3 trails for winter November 14th: LIchen Rock, steep hill on Droopy, Exit Strategy


New Trail: 

  • Exit STrategy had YES plan moving donated Omya fine limestone to resurface the trail
  • Milk Run had YES Plan one day to build two rock bridges on first section
  • Milk Run with Youth Works 1223 volunteer hours-this included one day of YES Plan, built 1000’ of trail

Repair Work: 

  • Escalator corners and drainages had some Omya material with dirt laid over the top
  • Stained signs that Karl Fjeld (High Pond Workworking)  made for us
  • Put new signs up
  • Built causeway on Dewey at Intersection 30 with RHS XC team

Winter of 2019/2020 joined The Mint and made more new trail signs


Year of COVID-19 all large volunteer groups did not happen

New Trail-Milk Run

  • March had us moving stone/gravel onto Omya material to try and siffen it up as it sloughed down and was a mess during freeze thaw cycles
  • June had 4 community work nights to move dirt on to part of Milk Run that hadn’t been finished
  • VYCC sent 4 trail crew leaders for two weeks at the end of July. Nate, Leonard and Shelley did finish work. Keith wight came down two days and helped out. Tom Yennerell came in for ½ day and helped move dirt: Finished 1418’ of trail with 515 hours
  • Opened Milk Run Sept 8th. Dirt was extremely dry and not staying in place. 
  • Did some repair work to Milk Run bench cut in October to get dirt back in place
  • Worked on Droopy covering some roots that were exposed on roll overs
  • Two benches went in on Overlook
  • Repaired drainages on Upper Giorgetti
  • Trails closed November 9, 2020. Lichen Rock, steep hill on Droopy, Exit Strategy


COVID-19 has eliminated large work groups again for this year. We will be relying on volunteers to help in the park.

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