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IMBA Shimano Dig In Grant

July 2020

IMBA Dig-In Grant Awarded to Pine Hill Partnership!

We have been selected to be part of the IMBA-Shimano Dig In Grant. The first $1000 we raise Shimano will match. Why are we trying to raise money? To help pay for the VT Youth Conservation Corp. As many of you know we lost our major volunteer groups this year which equal about 2500 volunteer hours. We are working on our final push of trails in the park utilizing VYCC and hopefully our volunteer groups in 2021. Milk Run has been under construction for 2 years and we have about 1500′ to finish.  Maximum Capacity will be the last trail to be built which will go from Milk Run over towards Watkins/Sisyphus Intersection. For more information on our build-out plan for the park check out our web page.

Community Work Night this Wednesday

We are holding a Community Work night Wednesday July 8th, 5-7:30pm. Meet us at Giorgetti parking lot, we will be doing finish work on our newest trail, Milk Run. Please bring your own gloves, water and bug spray. Kids are welcome. Hopefully no rain this week! VYCC is coming to the park for the last two weeks in July to continue working on Milk Run. Have time to volunteer to assist VYCC?? Or have a kid that needs to get out of the house for a few hours?? Send them our way. 

Summer Sunset and Droopy Pedal

Summer Sunset Races:  August 11th. You must be PREREGISTERED August 3rd, no same day registration, race starts at 6:30pm. Kids are free up to the age of 18. Course marshals are needed. Please contact Brittany at if you are able to help out one night.

Droopy Pedal Mountain bike races: July 14th, August 18th. Enrollment minimum of 5 participants must be met by Friday before @4pm to run this program. There will be 2 courses offered a 3 and 6 mile course. Preregistration is required. Course marshals are needed. Please contact Brittany at if you are able to help out one night.

There will be a shortened version of the youth mountain bike group. Details are still being worked out. For more information check the Rutland Rec webpage.

T-shirts look great!

Thank you for being a Rock Star or Trail Blazer level member. Would you like to see more of what our cool Dave Jenne designed t-shirts look like??? Check this out!


Thank you for supporting Pine Hill Partnership and all the trails in our care. Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon.


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