Please NO Bikes until further notice

Update: April 13th: Our trails are slowly drying out. They are in a pretty fragile state right now and we will keep them closed until the dirt firms up a little bit more. PLEASE do not be tempted to ride our trails as you might think they’re dry enough to ride but in reality they really are not. We have some freeze/thaw cycles coming up with some rain which will cause problems with the trail tread. Please respect our hard earned volunteer hours by staying off your bikes in the park. If you really need exercise we would be glad to give you a rake and clean out water drainage’s from last years leaves that have collected in them.

Update: April 3rd: We are going into a major thaw cycle this week with rain. The trails are sloppy and we are asking folks with bikes(including fat bikes) to stay off them until further notice. Thanks for your cooperation.

Update March 3rd:  Wish our trails still had snow on them like this photo. However, they do not. We are down to bare ground. Frozen for a day or two then above freezing temps again. Please stay off your bikes on the trails when we are in the thaw part of the cycles. It is greatly appreciated.

Update: February 27th: most of the snow and ice are gone from the trails. We are asking folks to use common sense if temps are above freezing by not riding and doing trail damage. Thank you.

Update February 24th:Trails are just sloppy. It has not been below freezing for 3 nights. No cold weather until late Sunday 2/27 to return the trails to a firm condition.

Trails will be frozen today 2/20 early on before they soften as temperatures rise. Tuesday they will be frozen like a rock with cold temps Monday night. The rest of the week temps are above freezing so trails will be wicked soft not so great for fat bikes.

Update February 16, 2017: Trails are in great shape with snow. Lot’s of ski, snowshoe and fat bike tire traffic. Winterfest is this weekend which will bring more people to the park.

Update January 31, 2017:Trails are covered with packed snow that is basically packed white ice.

Update January 27, 2017:Trails are snow covered with a fair amount of frost upheaval on some trails. Green Mtn Power folks are still replacing telephone poles please be aware of heavy machinery on the trails. For more up to date information on trails please join and mark Pine Hill Park as a favorite.

Update January 8, 2017: Studded tires are highly recommended as the trails are pretty icy under the snow.



2 thoughts on “Please NO Bikes until further notice”

  1. Not an issue now but can you explain why there is no leaf removal on the trails. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with it but are there other reasons.

    Thank you

    1. The rationale as there are pros and cons to leaf blowing and strategies differ by location based on many factors including soil type, climate, weather, and elevation. Yes, leaf blowing helps the trails dry out quicker, but as we settle in for winter we are mostly concerned about erosion from rain and snowmelt. The leaf surface protects the trail surface during this process in the fall and spring, and during that special time in January when it always seems to rain. Pine Hill, being on a hill drains and dries rather quickly, especially when aided by typical dry spring winds – you know, the ones that create the forest fires. While we haven’t done any scientific studies (can someone write a grant?) I think the consensus from longtime park users and board members who have ridden on the trails when we used to blow them is that leaving the leaves at our particular area reduces overall erosion.

      Here is a good video:

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