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Fat Bikes Only at this time PLEASE

Update April 22nd: Fat bikes only please. 4″ or wider tires. The banked turns are still very tender. The question we’re hearing is trails seem fine. The trail tread is fine but the banked corners are still sloughing off a little bit. If you hit those fragile corners with a bike tire you will do damage to the corner and means more work for the volunteers to repair. We have some warmer weather coming next week so hopefully the banked corners will finally set up. Thank you.

Update: April 17th: Fat bikes ONLY with 4″ or wider tires. Are bermed corners are still very tender. Please no regular mountain bikes at this time. It would be greatly appreciated by our volunteers.

Update: April 13th: Our trails are slowly drying out. They are in a pretty fragile state right now and we will keep them closed until the dirt firms up a little bit more. PLEASE do not be tempted to ride our trails as you might think they’re dry enough to ride but in reality they really are not. We have some freeze/thaw cycles coming up with some rain which will cause problems with the trail tread. Please respect our hard earned volunteer hours by staying off your bikes in the park. If you really need exercise we would be glad to give you a rake and clean out water drainage’s from last years leaves that have collected in them.

Community Work Night, Apr 18th, 6pm

We will be raking leaves out of the front entrance. We will have rakes and leaf blowers to use on Tuesday 4/18, 6pm. Carpenter and Costin will bring a big vacuum to suck all those leaves up.

Join our Saturday work day 4/29 at 9AM to put finishing touches on the front entrance. Plus we will be hiking trails to clean out water drainage’s. We NEED your help.  We are waiting for a few trails to dry out before opening.

Please think about coming and helping give back to this great trail system.

2017 Spring Work Days

Our spring work days are Saturday, April 29th from 9AM to noon and Saturday May 13th from 9AM to noon. We will have a multitude of projects going on these two days. Please try to join us for one of the days even if it’s a short time. Projects will be the cleaning the front entrance, cleaning out drainages on the trails, repairing the corner on Underdog that GMP had to drive over while replacing poles. If you are on Facebook please make Pine Hill Partnership a favorite.