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A few trails will be closing soon

As we are in the midst of the freeze thaw cycles. We have a few trails that we will be closing off for winter. This will happen the week of November 20th. These trails stay closed until spring is well under way.

Droopy Muffin (steep hill) between Intersections 30 and 30A will close, Lichen Rock and Exit Strategy. We do this to protect the trail tread from ruts when it’s soft and folks are riding. There is always a good possibility that Voldemort will close in late winter once the surface water starts running.

Please respect our trail closures. Our volunteer groups work really hard to have a great trail system so please don’t make work for them by rutting trails up.

Thanks! Remember rubberside down.

Big trees down

We are still in the process of cutting some of the larger trees down on the Redfield Trails. This one was cut up this past weekend and it was a snarly mess. Hopefully by the weekend (Nov 18/19th) we’ll have the last of the Redfield trails cleared of trees. Hunting is allowed on the Redfield trails so please wear bright colors.