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Community Work Night, Apr 18th, 6pm

We will be raking leaves out of the front entrance. We will have rakes and leaf blowers to use on Tuesday 4/18, 6pm. Carpenter and Costin will bring a big vacuum to suck all those leaves up.

Join our Saturday work day 4/29 at 9AM to put finishing touches on the front entrance. Plus we will be hiking trails to clean out water drainage’s. We NEED your help.  We are waiting for a few trails to dry out before opening.

Please think about coming and helping give back to this great trail system.

Powerlines in the park

Green Mountain Power will be working on the powerlines in the park this winter. Please DO NOT park at the end of Evergreen Ave starting Tuesday, December 27th till the end of February. GMP will be moving in large machinery and stone and need room to move vehicles.

Mountain bikers be aware on Underdog as GMP will be putting a very large mat down across the trail to move machinery. This will protect the trail.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A few sections of trails are now closed for winter

We have closed Exit Strategy, Lichen Rock(Overlook Trail) and the steep hill on Droopy Muffin between Intersections 30 and 30A. These trails will be closed until spring when ground thaws out and dries out. Please be respectful on the trail closures.



2017 Spring Work Days

Our spring work days are Saturday, April 29th from 9AM to noon and Saturday May 13th from 9AM to noon. We will have a multitude of projects going on these two days. Please try to join us for one of the days even if it’s a short time. Projects will be the cleaning the front entrance, cleaning out drainages on the trails, repairing the corner on Underdog that GMP had to drive over while replacing poles. If you are on Facebook please make Pine Hill Partnership a favorite.

Broken Handlebar Gets Some TLC

Broken Handlebar now has an uphill option as well as a downhill only option. We are calling it Broken Handlebar South and North. Broken Handlebar South is the techy XC two way section and Broken Handlebar North is ONE WAY downhill. Both start at intersection 30A and come out at intersection 42. Thank you very much to this year YES plan groups who have made this possible.

Map of trail division

YES Plan Mtn bike group
Thanks Ryan, Alex, Jeremiah and Rick for carrying the sign post in.

Keith putting up temporary sign Folding tarps to carry out IMG_0812 IMG_0809 IMG_0805 IMG_0804