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All trails are closed

Update: as of March 24th trails are still closed and will continue to be closed through next week.

As of Sunday March 20, all trails are closed to mountain bikes, including fat bikes. The heavy freezes at night and warm, sunny days are wreaking havoc on the trail tread. PLEASE BE PATIENT and do not ride. We will keep a close eye on the trail conditions during the week.

We are 100% open

All of our trail system and the Carriage Trail are now open. The Carriage Trail is still a touch bit soft on the Proctor side so please be gentle on it.

The Carriage Trail needs a bunch of face slappers cut if anyone is up for some trail maintenance. From the water tower to the limbo tree is the worst section.

Volunteering opportunities

YES Plan volunteers start Thursday, June 4th through Monday, June 15th.  We welcome other volunteers on these days.

Youth Works starts Monday, June 22nd. These folks will be in the park on Monday’s and Tuesday’s till August 4th. We always welcome other volunteers to join us.
Volunteers on Exit Strategy

These volunteer days start at 9AM in the front entrance of Pine Hill Park. Drop by and lend a hand!